D&H "Buy Local" Broth Tumbler

  • D&H "Buy Local" Broth Tumbler
  • D&H "Buy Local" Broth Tumbler

D&H Broth Tumbler
Buy Local & Support Pa Farms

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About D&H Broths:
Our signature Bone broths are made by delicately simmering local bones and pasture-raised meats. Try one of our 4 core recipes: Chicken, Beef, Heritage and Revive. This highly nutritious stock can be purchased as a sipping beverage, fresh poured daily as it’s gained popularity as a healthy drink. When you buy one of our tumblers, receive 10% off broth refills.

3-Reasons why you should give it a try:

1- bone broth is very nutritious
2- may help fight inflammation
3- nutrients have been shown to improve joint health


Technical Specs:
Diameter: 2.9"
Height: 6.5"
Weight: .57 lbs
Volume: 12oz/354mL